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MinT Initiative

Microbiomes in Transition (MinT) Initiative

Nearly every habitat and organism on Earth contains a diverse collection of microorganisms, called microbiomes. Microbiomes play important roles in our world, like:

  • Carbon and nutrient cycling,
  • Pollutant degradation,
  • Plant growth promotion, and
  • Cause and prevention of disease.

Very little is known about the properties of microbiomes because of the lack of sufficient tools to properly understand their functional roles.

Scientists in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's MinT Initiative are performing state-of-the-art research to address key knowledge gaps in microbiome understanding. Such capabilities will enable scientists to understand, predict, and ultimately control key processes carried out by microbiomes.

MinT will focus on key biosystems where microbiomes play important but poorly defined roles. To address microbial challenges, MinT is organized into three research and development areas:

  1. Applications
  2. Computational Biology
  3. Integrated Omics


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